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Retail & eCommerce INSIGHT

2023-08-02T11:10:37-07:00May 2, 2021|

Lightspeed and Salesforce are now connected! We're proud to announce the only security approved, native tool that sync's the ...

Retail & eCommerce

2023-08-02T07:51:43-07:00May 2, 2021|

Konnectryx is proud to present the first fully native hashtag#salesforce and hashtag#lightspeed real time sync tool. hashtag#Insight automatically syncs your data between Salesforce and Lightspeed ...

Retail & eCommerce

2023-08-04T10:11:10-07:00May 2, 2021|

Salesforce helps Lightspeed POS users grow their business organically and automatically. Konnectryx can help you grow your business by ...

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