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Salesforce Integration with RingCentral

Supercharge your CRM system with powerful communications capabilities

As certified RingCentral Partners and Salesforce experts, Konnectryx will have you up-and-running with your RingCentral/Salesforce integration in no time!

RingCentral for Salesforce: Feature Highlights

360° Customer Information

Pop-Ups provide a detailed customer view

Schedule, Make & Take Calls

In Salesforce, using RingCentral

Gain Insights

Reports and dashboards for key metrics

Marketing Campaigns

Create email marketing / SMS Campaigns

RingCentral & Salesforce Integration by Konnectryx

As certified partners of both RingCentral and Salesforce, Konnectryx is uniquely qualified to create a more collaborative, comprehensive CRM experience for your team.

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Performance Reports

Get better insight into your team’s performance by with a comprehensive dashboard. Customize and edit RingCentral analytics data as a native Salesforce report.

Schedule Meetings

Seamlessly schedule RingCentral Video meetings from Salesforce.

Click-To-Call and Call Management

Your teams can stay in the Salesforce app and place calls to customers and prospects by just clicking the phone number on the screen.

RingCentral’s WebRTC technology allows you to make and transfer calls from Salesforce. Manage multiple customer calls with ease – just open each call as a separate browser tab.

Quick 360° View & Call Logging

When a call comes in, it’s matched with the caller’s Salesforce customer record and a comprehensive view of the caller is displayed.

Auto-log notes during or after your calls. Offline call logging makes it easy to log notes on missed calls.

Salesforce & RingCentral Integration by Konnectryx

A Client Success Story

Watch this short video to see how one of our clients, SALUD, was able to overcome their business challenges with the help of Konnectryx and RingCentral during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about how RingCentral and Salesforce work together seamlessly to empower your team.

“I can not thank you enough for making our mission of delivering clean beauty products to women affected by cancer more efficient and streamlined. Now we can spend more time getting back to the important things – like building a community of strong women who are conquering cancer with beauty.”

“Konnectryx understands me AND my business. I have worked with and fired several consultants who promised the world and do nothing once the contract is signed.  I call them anytime and they pick up!  They are available when I need them!  This type of service is impossible to find!  I have been in business for over 20 years and I have never had this type of service.”

Tim Richardson, Exquisite Timepieces

“We had different systems collecting data, and our team was spending time re-entering that data from one system into another. Konnectryx’s great work consolidating everything into Salesforce and RingCentral helped us—both by making things run more efficiently and also saving us money.”

Sarah Pérez Jarrett, SALUD

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