Lightspeed and Salesforce Data Sync

We are certified Lightspeed Experts – we can get you online and selling in no time. INSIGHT is the only native integration certified by both Salesforce and Lightspeed to securely and reliably sync your important data.

What is INSIGHT?

INSIGHT is an automatic data synchronization solution for Salesforce and Lightspeed POS. The two-way synchronization simplifies your workflow – when you enter or update data in one platform, you’ll see the change reflected in the other.

Accounts & Contact Data Sync

Accounts added in either Lightspeed POS or Salesforce will be created in the other platform. Also, editing the details of a contact, such as Name, Address, Phone number, etc. in one of the platforms will also be synced and reflected in the other.

Resolve Data Conflicts with Ease

INSIGHT uses advanced technology to prevent the creation of duplicate accounts. Information within accounts is compared to avoid duplicate contacts and other information.

If INSIGHT finds conflicting data, it is flagged for closer review. After the correct information is selected, both systems will reflect the accurate, updated data.

Custom Configuration Options

INSIGHT allows users to configure what data they would like to synchronize between Lightspeed POS and Salesforce – so if there’s anything you don’t want synchronized, it won’t be.

INSIGHT is the only native integration certified by both Lightspeed and Salesforce to securely and reliably sync your important data.

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Really intuitive solution that has helped us to organize the work of our sales reps, to improve their performance. Great support team helping us through the implementation.

Ruben Cuesta, Adval Group

Easy to use but comprehensive solution to connect, monitor and validate your data in both directions. Great team to work with!

Best Lightspeed Connector App! This app is amazing! The connection between Lightspeed and Salesforce was seamless. The team behind this app, Konnectryx, provided the best customer service I have ever experienced! I would highly recommend this app to anyone who uses Lightspeed and Salesforce.

Tim Richardson, Exquisite Timepieces

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