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Maximize your nonprofit’s Salesforce potential by seamlessly integrating it with POS & eCommerce data. Gain invaluable insights specifically designed to enhance your fundraising, donor management, and program effectiveness.

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Why Choose Konnectryx for Your Non-Profit Organization?

  1. Enhanced Reporting for Fundraising: Access new reports from Lightspeed POS fields to better understand donor behavior and fundraising effectiveness.
  2. Donor Management Solutions: Seamlessly connect to your Salesforce CRM to manage and engage donors, fostering lasting relationships.
  3. Program Effectiveness Analysis: Merge Meta & Google reports with your CRM & POS data to gain deeper insights into program impacts and community outreach.
  4. Operational Streamlining: Connect your eCommerce & POS data to streamline operational processes, enabling better resource allocation and impact tracking.
  5. Efficient Logistics Support: Address shipping and logistical needs with ShipStation, supporting the distribution of aid and resources.

Certified Partner

As certified partners of Lightspeed, Salesforce, ShipStation, and more, our expertise is devoted to assisting nonprofits in optimizing these integrations to drive social impact.

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